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Board of County Commissioners
Leon County, Florida
Regular Public Meeting
Tuesday, May 12, 2015, 3:00 p.m.
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Original Post Date - 5/4/2015 5:30:00 PM

Revised Agenda Outline
Posted on 05/12/2015 12:30 PM
Add On Item 22
Posted on 05/11/2015 4:40 PM

Invocation and Pledge of Allegiance


Commissioner Nick Maddox



Awards and Presentations 


§  Presentation on Update on the Regional Workforce
(Jim McShane, Executive Director, CareerSource Capital Region)


  Item 1

Approval of Payment of Bills and Vouchers Submitted for May 12, 2015, and Pre-Approval of Payment of Bills and Vouchers for the Period of May 13 through May 22, 2015
(County Administrator/Financial Stewardship/Office of Management & Budget)

  Item 2

Approval of the Budget Amendment Request to Realize the 2013 Small Cities Community Development Block Grant Funding for Housing Rehabilitation
(County Administrator/Financial Stewardship/Office of Management & Budget/Grants)


  Item 3

Ratification of Board Actions Taken at the April 28, 2015 FY 15/16 Budget Policy Workshop
(County Administrator/Office of Financial Stewardship/Office of Management & Budget) 

  Item 4

Adoption of Resolution Approving Lease Amendment with YMCA to Extend Term of Lease at Lake Jackson Town Center at Huntington
(County Administrator/Public Works/Facilities Management/Real Estate)

  Item 5

Approval of Natural Bridge Road Maintenance Map and Recording in the Public Records
(County Administrator/Public Works/Engineering Services)

  Item 6

Approval of the Proposed Joint Project Agreement with the City of Tallahassee for the Water and Wastewater Infrastructure Relocation or Installation for Old Bainbridge Road and Pullen Road Intersection Improvements
(County Administrator/Public Works/Engineering Services)

  Item 7

Approval of a Budget Amendment Request Recognizing Funds from Blueprint 2000 for the Construction of the Magnolia Drive Multiuse Trail Project
(County Administrator/Public Works/Engineering Services)   

  Item 8

Approval of Detailed Work Plan Budget for Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services Arthropod/Mosquito Control State Aid
(County Administrator/Public Works/Operations/Mosquito Control) 

  Item 9

Approval of the Second Amended Interlocal Agreement Between Leon County, Florida and Gulf Consortium Regarding Procurement Services
(County Attorney)

  Item 10

Approval of the CareerSource Capital Region Interlocal Agreement
(County Administrator/Office of Economic Vitality/Economic Development)


Status Reports: (These items are included under Consent)
  Item 11

Acceptance of the FY 2014/15 Ongoing and Second Quarter Commissioner Discussion Items Status Report
(County Administrator/County Administration/Agenda Coordinator)

  Item 12 Acceptance of the Second Quarter FY 2014-2015 County Grant Program Leveraging Status Report
(County Administrator/Financial Stewardship/Office of Management & Budget/Grants)
  Item 13 Acceptance of a Status Report on the Urban Agriculture Project
(County Administrator/PLACE/Planning)
  Item 14 Acceptance of Status Report on the Fords Arms Restoration Project
(County Administrator/Public Works/Engineering Services)

Consent Items Pulled for Discussion
Citizens to be Heard on Non-Agendaed Items
3-minute limit per speaker; there will not be any discussion by the Commission. 
General Business
  Item 15

Consideration of Adding a Florida State University Representative to the Leon County Educational Facilities Authority
(County Administrator/County Administration)

  Item 16 Consideration of an Emergency Funding Request for America's Second Harvest Food Bank of the Big Bend in the Amount of $50,000
(County Administrator/Office of Financial Stewardship/Office of Management & Budget)
  Item 17 Acceptance of STAGE Committee’s Twelve-Month Comprehensive Report Regarding the Capital City Amphitheater Concert Series and Consideration of the Committee’s Recommendations
(County Administrator/Office of Economic Vitality/Tourism Development)
  Item 18 Approval of Agreement Awarding Bid to M of Tallahassee, Inc. in the Amount of $973,819 for the Construction of Beech Ridge Trail/Kinhega Drive Roundabout Intersection Improvement
(County Administrator/Public Works/Engineering Services) 
ADD-ON(General Business.)  
  Item 22 Approval to Partner with the Sheriff’s Office and the City of Tallahassee in Engaging Gartner, Inc. in Performing a Risk Assessment of the Motorola PremierOne Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD), and Approval of the Associated Budget Amendment Request
(County Administrator/County Administration/Office of Information and Technology) 

Scheduled Public Hearings, 6:00 p.m.
  Item 19

First of Two Public Hearings to Consider Proposed Revisions to the Bradfordville Chapter 163 Development Agreement
(County Administrator/Development Support & Environmental Management/Development Services)

  Item 20 First and Only Public Hearing on a Resolution Adopting the 2015 Tallahassee-Leon County Local Mitigation Strategy
(County Administrator/PLACE/Planning)
  Item 21 First and Only Public Hearing to Consider the Adoption of a Proposed Ordinance Amending Chapter 18, Article V of the Leon County Code of Laws Entitled “Solid Waste”
(County Attorney)

Citizens to be Heard on Non-Agendaed Items
3-minute limit per speaker; Commission may discuss issues that are brought forth by speakers. 



Items from the County Attorney


Items from the County Administrator


Discussion Items by Commissioners


              The next Regular Board of County Commissioners Meeting is scheduled for
, May 26, 2015  at 3:00 p.m.



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