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Board of County Commissioners
Leon County, Florida
Regular Public Meeting
Tuesday, July 12, 2016, 3:00 p.m
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Posted on 7/7/2016
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Invocation and Pledge of Allegiance


Commissioner Lindley


Awards and Presentations 



  • Presentation of the 2016 Leon County Neighborhoods and Neighbor of the Year
    (Chairman Bill Proctor)
  • Presentation from the Sickle Cell Foundation
    (Velma Stevens)


  Item 1

Approval of Minutes: May 24, 2016 Regular Board Meeting
(Clerk of the Court/Finance/Board Secretary)

  Item 2

Consideration of Resolution Authorizing the Capital Region Community Development District/Southwood to Exercise Certain Security Power
(County Attorney)

  Item 3

Adoption of a Proposed Amended Resolution for Appointments of Membership to the Leon County Research and Development Authority and Request to Schedule the First and Only Public Hearing to Adopt an Ordinance Amending the Composition of the Nominating Committee
(County Administrator/County Administration)


  Item 4

Ratification of Commissioner Appointment to the Housing Finance Authority
(County Administrator/County Administration)

  Item 5

Adoption of Proposed New Policy, "Use of County Buildings, Lands, and Other County Facilities" and Adoption of Proposed Revised Policies: Policy No. 00-2, "Public Use of Leon County Courthouse;" Policy No. 06-1, "Use and Scheduling of Parks & Recreation Facilities;" and Policy No. 01-07, "Meeting Rooms – Library"
(County Administrator/County Administration)

  Item 6

Authorization for Funding of the National Association of Counties’ Fall Board Meeting
(County Administrator/County Administration)

  Item 7

Acceptance of a Status Report on Florida Bear Population Management and Related Actions by County Governments
(County Administrator/County Administration)

  Item 8

Adoption of a Resolution in Support of the Suwannee River Basin Outdoor Recreation Compact
(County Administrator/County Administration)

  Item 9

Approval of Payment of Bills and Vouchers Submitted for July 12, 2016 and Pre-Approval of Payment of Bills and Vouchers for the Period of July 13 through September 12, 2016
(County Administrator/Financial Stewardship/Management & Budget)

  Item 10

Ratification of the June 14, 2016 Fiscal Year 2017 Budget Workshop
(County Administrator/Financial Stewardship/Management & Budget)

  Item 11

Approval of Amendments to Interlocal Agreements to Effectuate the Designation of Blueprint as the County and City Economic Development Organization and Establishment of the Tallahassee/Leon County Office of Economic Vitality
(County Administrator/PLACE)

  Item 12

Acceptance of the Council on Culture & Arts’ 2016 Capital Improvement Matching Grant Program Awards
(County Administrator/Tourism Development)

  Item 13

Authorization to Proceed with the Development of an Ordinance Amending the Requirements for Parking and Loading Surfaces Inside the Urban Service Area
(County Administrator/Development Support & Environmental Management/Development Services)

  Item 14

Approval of the Renewal of a License Agreement between Leon County and Big Bend Pop Warner
(County Administrator/Office of Resource Stewardship/Parks & Recreation)

  Item 15

Approval of Memorandum of Agreement with the City of Tallahassee Regarding the Transfer of Property at Buck Lake Road and Pedrick Road and Adoption of Resolution Authorizing Conveyance of a County Parcel to the City of Tallahassee
(County Administrator/Public Works/Stormwater Management)

  Item 16

Approval of Construction Agreements with the Florida Department of Transportation for the Installation of Facility Guide Signs on Mahan Drive and Fort Braden Place Name Signs on Highway 20
(County Administrator/Public Works/ Engineering Services)

  Item 17

Approval of a Joint Project Agreement with the City of Tallahassee for Utility Upgrades with the Magnolia Drive Phase 2 Multi-Use Trail Project from Pontiac Drive to Chowkeebin Nene
(County Administrator/Public Works)

  Item 18

Authorization to Submit a Formal Application and Approval of Agreement with the American Public Works Association to Pursue APWA Accreditation
(County Administrator/Public Works)

  Item 19

Approval of Budget Amendment Request to realize Revenue in the amount of $931,000 from Marpan Recycling to cover Hauling and Disposal Costs at the Springhill Landfill
(County Administrator/Public Works)

  Item 20

Authorization to Negotiate Continuing Civil Engineering Services Agreements with Nineteen Firms
(County Administrator/Public Works)

  Item 21

Acceptance of Three Florida Department of Health Matching Grants in the Amount of $85,556
(County Administrator/Emergency Medical Services)

  Item 22

Approval of the First Amendment and Restated Agreement for Veterans Treatment Court in the Office of Court Administration
(County Administrator/Office of Intervention and Detention Alternatives)


Status Reports: (These items are included under Consent))
  Item 23

Acceptance of a Status Report on Solar Permitting Enhancements
(County Administrator/Development Support & Environmental Management)

  Item 24

Acceptance of Status Report on Leon County’s 2016 9/11 Day of Remembrance and Service
(County Administrator/County Administration/Community & Media Relations)


Consent Items Pulled for Discussion
Citizens to be Heard on Non-Agendaed Items
3-minute limit per speaker; there will not be any discussion by the Commission
General Business  
  Item 25

Approval of Agreement Awarding Bid to Allen’s Excavation, Inc. in the Estimated Amount of $3,736,411 for Sidewalk and Associated Work Construction, Continuing Services
(County Administration /Public Works/Engineering Services)

  Item 26

Authorization to Negotiate for the Consultant for the Woodside Heights Wastewater Retrofit Project
(County Administrator/Public Works/Stormwater Management)

  Item 27

Acceptance of the 2016 Status Report on the Leon County Water Quality Monitoring Program
(County Administrator/Public Works/Engineering Services)

  Item 28

Consideration of Expanding the Greater Frenchtown/Southside Community Redevelopment Area (GFS District) and Acceptance of the Finding of Necessity for the South Monroe Street Study Area Parcels to be Added to the Greater Frenchtown/Southside Community Redevelopment Area.
(County Administrator/County Administration)

  Item 29

Designation of a Delegate to Participate in the 8 80 Cities Copenhagen Study Tour from October 3-7, 2016
(County Administrator/County Administration)

  Item 30

Approval of the Interlocal Agreement between the City of Tallahassee and Leon County for Annexation Procedures
(County Attorney)

  Item 31

Consideration of Full Board Appointments to the Big Bend Health Council, Board of Adjustment and Appeals, Canopy Roads Citizens Committee, Community Health Care Coordinating Committee, Development Support & Environmental Management Citizens User Group, Educational Facilities Authority, the Investment Oversight Committee and the Council on Culture & Arts
(County Administrator/County Administration)

ADD-ON: Included as part of General Business  
  Item 35

Approval of Agreement Awarding Bid for the Construction of the Miccosukee Greenway Phase III Trail Stabilization Project to Dixie Paving in the Amount of $328,585
(County Administrator/Office of Resource Stewardship/Parks & Recreation)

Scheduled Public Hearings, 6:00 p.m.  
  Item 32

Second and Final Public Hearing to Adopt a Proposed Ordinance Amending the Leon County Land Development Code to Allow Outdoor Sport Shooting Ranges in the Rural Zoning District
(County Administrator/Development Support & Environmental Management/Development Services)

  Item 33

First and Only Public Hearing for the Proposed Abandonment of a Portion of Orchard Pond Road
(County Administrator/County Attorney/Public Works)

  Item 34

Authorization to Enter into an Interlocal Agreement with the Florida Development Finance Corporation for Administration of a Residential and Commercial PACE Program and Adopt Resolution Approving Trust Indenture and Related Financing Documents for Commercial PACE Program Utilizing Ygrene
(County Administrator/County Attorney/Office of Resource Stewardship)


Citizens to be Heard on Non-Agendaed Items
3-minute limit per speaker; Commission may discuss issues that are brought forth by speakers.



Items from the County Attorney


Items from the County Administrator


Discussion Items by Commissioners

  • Capital Region Community Development District Meeting Minutes from March 10, 2016, April 14, 2016 and May 12, 2016.
  • Leon County Research & Development Authority Financial Statements for years ending September 30, 2015 and 2014.


The next Regular Board of County Commissioners Meeting is scheduled for
                            Tuesday, September 13, 2016  at 3:00 p.m.



All lobbyists appearing before the Board must pay a $25 annual registration fee. For registration forms and/or additional information, please see the Board Secretary or visit the County website at