Leon County Disaster Survival Guide

Prepare. Act. Recover.


Leon County officials can issue an order directing the evacuation of specific areas of the county deemed to be in danger. Prepare to leave 24 hours prior to the storm landfall in order to give yourself enough time to evacuate. Remember you may need to adjust your preparedness plans based on the latest health and safety guidelines from the CDC and your local officials.


If a tropical storm is approaching or a hurricane is expected to cross Florida and pass over Leon County, the danger from storm surge may be high. Emergency managers may recommend residents in mobile homes or flood prone areas to evacuate to higher ground or a sturdier shelter.


The probability of storm surge is high and could be deadly for residents who don’t leave. It is illegal to stay in a home under a mandatory evacuation order. Residents living in mobile homes should plan to evacuate to a safer location during a mandatory order.

Sheltering info

Risk shelters may only have water, snacks and a secure area for you to stay safe during a major storm. Shelters may be crowded and are not designed for comfort. If you evacuate to a risk shelter during a disaster, please bring the following items:

  • Toiletries and diapers if you are sheltering with young children.
  • Prescription medications, identification and any important documents you deem necessary.
  • Additional snacks, specifically if you have a special diet.
  • Blankets, pillows, and/or sleeping bags. Accommodations at the shelter will be limited.
  • Books, puzzles or other entertainment that do not require electricity.
  • Two cloth face coverings per person and hand sanitizer. (Please Note: The CDC recommends wearing masks to help prevent the spread of coronavirus, other viruses and the flu. Children under two years old and people that have trouble breathing should not wear face coverings.)

For citizens with special needs

All information is confidential and protected under Florida Statutes and must be updated on an annual basis. For further assistance, call Leon County Emergency Management at (850) 606-3700.

Protect Your Pets

Inventory your supplies and review all records so your pet can be safe in the event of a hurricane. Make a kit including a pet crate, a list of pet friendly hotels, food and water with respective bowls, medications with instructions for administering, copies of current veterinary records that include your address and phone number, a leash and collar with rabies tag and ID, a picture of your pet and a small box with litter for cats.

Storm surge

Storm surge is the leading cause of death from hurricanes and is the reason hurricane evacuation orders are issued. The Apalachee Bay is one of the most storm surge prone areas in the Southeast. Areas of southern Leon County have been identified as storm surge evacuation zones. Know your zone!

Zone C (Yellow) – Areas east of Crawfordville Highway to the Leon/Jefferson County Line, and areas along and south of the following roads: Glover Road; Oak Ridge Road; Rhodes Cemetery Road; Meridale Drive.

Zone D (Green) – Includes all areas in Zone C, in addition to areas east of Springhill Road to the Leon/Jefferson County Line, and areas along and south of the following roads: Capital Circle SW; Capital Circle SE; Tram Road.