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Jean Regina Glee, Citizen Service Liaison

Leon County business hours are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST, Monday through Friday. If you need to reach a particular Commissioner or County Department, please locate the number you need in the list below to leave a message with that individual or office. To leave a general message, please call (850) 606-5300 or send an email by clicking here.

Board of County Commissioners

In This Section:
Name Phone Web
Board of County Commissioners 850-606-5302 www.leoncountyfl.gov/bcc

County Departments top

Name Phone Web
4-H 850.606.5204 4-H
Agriculture 850.606.5200 Agriculture
Animal Control 850.606.5400 Animal Control
Building Inspection 850.606.1300 Building Inspection
Code Enforcement 850.606.1300 Code Enforcement
Concurrency Management 850.606.1386 Policies & Procedures Manual
Consolidated Dispatch Agency 850.606.5800 Consolidated Dispatch Agency
Cooperative Extension Service 850.606.5200 Cooperative Extension Service
County Administrator 850.606.5300 County Administrator
County Attorney 850.606.2500 County Attorney
Development Support and Environmental Management 850.606.1300 Development Support and Environmental Management
Economic Vitality 850.219.1060 Office of Economic Vitality
Emergency Management 850.606.3700 Emergency Management
Emergency Medical Services 850.606.2100 Emergency Medical Services
Environmental Permitting 850.606.1300 Environmental Permitting
Facilities Management 850.606.5000 Facilities Management
Family & Consumer Sciences 850.606.5203 Family & Consumer Sciences
Fleet Management 850.606.2000 Fleet Management
Geographic Information Services 850.606.5504 Geographic Information Services
Hazardous Waste 850.606.1803 Hazardous Waste
Health & Human Services 850.606.1900 Health & Human Services
Health Department 850.404.6300 Health Department
Horticulture/Forestry 850.606.5202 Horticulture/Forestry
Housing Services 850.606.1900 Housing Services
Human Resources 850.606.2400 Human Resources
Inspection Hot Line (IVRS) 850.891.1800 Building Inspection Interactive Voice Response System
Job Line 850.606.2403 Job Line
Library - Dr. B.L. Perry, Jr. Branch 850.606.2950 Dr. B.L. Perry, Jr. Branch Library
Library - Eastside Branch 850.606.2750 Eastside Branch Library
Library - Fort Braden Branch 850.606.2900 Fort Braden Branch Library
Library - Lake Jackson Branch 850.606.2850 Lake Jackson Branch Library
Literacy Volunteers 850.606.2644 Literacy Volunteers
Library - Main Branch 850.606.2665 Collins Main Library
Library -Northeast Branch 850.606.2800 Northeast Branch Library
Library -Woodville Branch 850.606.2925 Woodville Branch Library
Management & Budget Office 850.606.5100 Management & Budget Office
Management Information Services 850.606.5500 Management Information Services
Minority, Women & Small Business Enterprise 850.606.1650 Minority, Women & Small Business Enterprise
Mosquito Control 850.606.1400 Mosquito Control
Operations (24-hour response) 850.606.1400 Operations
Parks & Recreation 850.606.1470 Parks & Recreation
Planning Department 850.891.6400 Planning Department
Probation 850.606.5600 Probation
Public Information Office 850.606.5300 Public Information Office
Public Works 850.606.1500 Public Works
Purchasing 850.606.1600 Purchasing
Recycling Information 850.606.1800 Recycling Information
Rural Waste Collection Centers 850.606.1800 Rural Waste Collection Centers
Solid Waste Management 850.606.1800 Solid Waste Management
Supervised Pretrial Release 850.606.5700 Supervised Pretrial Release
Sustainability 850.606.5021 Sustainability
Tourism Development 850.606.2300 Tourism Development
Transfer Station 850.606.1840 Transfer Station
Veteran Services 850.606.1940 Veteran Services
Volunteer Center 850.606.1970 Volunteer Center

Constitutional Offices top

Name Phone Web
Clerk of Courts 850.606.4000 Clerk of Courts
Property Appraiser 850.606.6200 Property Appraiser
Sheriff's Office 850.606.3300 Sheriff
Supervisor of Elections 850.606.8683 Supervisor of Elections
Tax Collector 850.606.4700 Tax Collector

Other County/State Agencies top

Name Phone Web
Circuit Court, 2nd Judicial Circuit 850.606.4300 Circuit Court, 2nd Judicial Circuit
Public Defender 850.606.1000 Public Defender
State Attorney, 2nd Judicial Circuit 850.606.6000 State Attorney, 2nd Judicial Circuit