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Board of County Commissioners
Leon County, Florida
Regular Public Meeting
Tuesday, March 10, 2020, 3:00 p.m.
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Original Post Date - 3/3/2020

Revised Agenda Outline
Posted on 3/10/2020


Invocation by Pastor Gregory James of Life Church International Center

Pledge of Allegiance by Commissioner Nick Maddox



  1. Minutes:  December 10, 2019 Regular Meeting
    (Clerk of Court)
  2. Payment of Bills and Vouchers
    (County Administrator/ Office of Financial Stewardship/ Office of Management & Budget)
  3. Federal Election Cybersecurity Initiatives Grant for Fiscal Year 2019-2020
    (County Administrator/ Office of Financial Stewardship/ Office of Management & Budget)
  4. Commissioner Appointments to the Contractors Licensing and Examination Board and the Tallahassee-Leon County Commission on the Status of Women & Girls
    (County Administrator/ County Administration)
  5. Consideration of the Affordable Housing Advisory Committee’s 2020 Recommendations
    (County Administrator/ Human Services & Community Partnerships)
  6. Community Land Trust Agreement
    (County Administrator/ Human Services & Community Partnerships)
  7. Consideration to Pursue Designation as an AARP Age-Friendly Community
    (County Administrator/ County Administration/ Human Services & Community Partnerships)
  8. Approval of the Plat of Summerfield Phase I Subdivision
    (County Administrator/ Public Works)
  9. Florida Department of Environmental Protection Waste Tire Amnesty Event Grant
    (County Administrator/ Public Works)
  10. Adoption of a Resolution in Support of FDOT Transportation Alternative Set Aside Grant Application to Construct the Gadsden Street Sidewalk Project
    (County Administrator/ Public Works)

Status Reports:  (These items are included under Consent.)

  1. Supervised Pretrial Release Program 2019 Annual Report
    (County Administrator/ Office of Intervention & Detention Alternatives) 
  2. Status Report on the Capital Area Sustainability Compact
    (County Administrator/ Office of Resource Stewardship) 

Consent Items Pulled for Discussion

Citizens to be Heard on Non-Agendaed Items

3-minute limit per speaker; there will not be any discussion by the Commission.

General Business

  1. Setting of the FY 2021 Maximum Discretionary Funding Levels for Outside Agencies including the Community Human Services Partnership (CHSP)
    (County Administrator/ Office of Financial Stewardship/ Office of Management & Budget)
  2. Analysis of Lobbying Regulations and Request to Schedule First and Only Public Hearing for April 28, 2020, to Consider Adoption of Ordinance Amending Chapter 2, Article XII of the Leon County Code of Laws Regarding Lobbying Regulations
    (County Attorney)
  3. Authorization to Amend the Emergency Management Budget to Perform Scheduled Upgrades to the 9-1-1 System Infrastructure
    (County Administrator/ County Administration/ Emergency Management)


  1. Second and Final Public Hearings to Consider Adoption of a Proposed Ordinance Creating a New Section 10-6.657 of the Land Development Code, Entitled “Mining Zoning District”
    (County Administrator/ Development Support & Environmental Management)
  2. First and Only Public Hearing on an Ordinance updating the Capital Improvements Schedule of the Capital Improvements Element of the Comprehensive Plan
    (County Administrator/ PLACE/ Planning)

Citizens to be Heard on Non-Agendaed Items

3-minute limit per speaker; Commission may discuss issues that are brought forth by speakers.



Items from the County Attorney

Items from the County Administrator

Discussion Items by Commissioners




The next regular meeting of the Board of County Commissioners is tentatively scheduled for
Tuesday, April 14, 2020 at 3:00 p.m.
All lobbyists appearing before the Board must pay a $25 annual registration fee.  
 For registration forms and/or additional information, please contact the Board Secretary
 or visit the County Clerk website at