Leon County
Board of County Commissioners

Agenda Item#31
September 14, 2021
To: Honorable Chairman and Members of the Board
From: Vincent S. Long, County Administrator
Title: Status Update Regarding Curbside Collection Service Provided by Waste Pro, Inc.



Review and Approval: Vincent S. Long, County Administrator
Review and Approval:
Alan Rosenzweig, Deputy County Administrator
Lead Staff/
Project Team:
Maggie Theriot, Director, Office of Resource Stewardship



Statement of Issue:

This item seeks Board acceptance of the status update regarding curbside collection service provided by Waste Pro, Inc.


Fiscal Impact:  

This item has no fiscal impact.  The monthly subscription is paid for by residents opting to receive curbside residential and commercial solid waste collection for the unincorporated area of Leon County. 


Staff Recommendation:

Option #1:       Accept the status update regarding curbside collection service through Waste Pro, Inc.

Report and Discussion


This item seeks Board acceptance of the status update regarding curbside collection service provided by Waste Pro, Inc. (Waste Pro).  At the February 10, 2020 meeting the Board approved continuing service with Waste Pro through a renewal of the Solid Waste Franchise Agreement (Agreement).  At the same February meeting the Board directed staff to prepare a quarterly status reports regarding the Agreement.  As requested by the Board status reports will be presented on a routine basis to monitor performance of Waste Pro and ensure Waste Pro meets the expectations of the Agreement.  The first status report was included in the July 14, 2020 meeting agenda, and subsequent reports were provided on November 17, 2020, February 16, 2021, and May 11, 2021. 


The Agreement includes the exclusive collection of commercial solid waste, residential solid waste, recyclable materials, yard debris, and bulky waste on a subscription (i.e. voluntary) basis and commercial collection.  Currently an estimated 29,000 residents in the unincorporated area subscribe.  Although commercial recycling is not an exclusive service, Waste Pro is required to offer commercial recycling collection service within the unincorporated area.  There are currently an estimated 730 commercial accounts. 



To ensure performance, the Agreement provides for liquidated damages to be assessed against Waste Pro in the event of unresolved customer complaints for infractions not meeting the requirements of the Agreement.  Per the Agreement, the ability to levy liquidated damages is a tool the County uses to address non-compliance with terms of the Agreement.  In addition to levied liquidated damages, the volume and nature of customer calls is another indicator used to monitor Waste Pro service.  Table #1 provides the annual number of inquiries and requests for service received by Waste Pro, as well as the annual number of liquidated damages assessments, and the amount paid to the County for liquidated damages.



Table #1.  Waste Pro Inquiries, Requests for Services, and Liquidated Damages Assessments 2018-2021

Calendar Year

# Inquiries/ Grievance

# Requests for Service

# Liquidated Damages Legitimate Complaints

$ Liquidated Damages























The Inquiries/Grievance column represents incoming calls/email by customers to Waste Pro which involve delivery of routine service for waste, recycling, and yard debris.  Generally, these calls are regarding missed pick-up.  


The Requests for Service column includes calls regarding specialized service that is not included in routine weekly service such as scheduling bulk items, service of oversized yard debris, or waste/recycling carts to be repaired. 


The Liquidated Damages Legitimate Complaints column correlates to, but is not directly derived from, the Inquiries/Grievance or Requests for Service columns.  For example, Waste Pro has 24 hours to take corrective action on a grievance of missed pick-up and 7 business days to service bulky items before such an inquiry would become a Legitimate Complaint as included in Table #1.  Additionally, the Agreement includes liquidated damages for items that are not customer-facing, such as hydraulic leaks.  The amount levied for individual liquidated damages varies based on the type and duration of the noncompliance. 


As with many workforces Waste Pro staffing has been unstable with unplanned absences or ongoing vacancies due to COVID, resignations, and troubles recruiting and retaining staff.  In addition, supply chain issues have impacted Waste Pro’s planned vehicle replacements and maintenance of their existing fleet.  To proactively address these issues, Waste Pro requested and the County approved Waste Pro augmenting its service by temporarily hiring a third-party vendor to serve oversized yard debris piles and bulky items.  Utilizing a third-party vendor has also allowed Waste Pro to redirect existing resources to ensure frontline service of garbage and recycling remain prioritized.  


In summary, efforts have been made by Waste Pro since the renewal of the Agreement to enhance service delivery.  Assurances to improve service have been made, and several tangible steps have been taken by the Company to deliver on those commitments, resulting in fewer legitimate complaints.  The County will continue to actively engage with Waste Pro and monitor contract performance to ensure satisfactory service levels are maintained.   



  1. Accept the status update regarding curbside collection service through Waste Pro, Inc.
  2. Do not accept the status update regarding curbside collection service through Waste Pro, Inc.
  3. Board direction. 



Option #1


[1] Hurricane Michael, deactivated Yard debris service, did not suspend Liquidated Damages for all other services

[2] 2021 totals reflect January - July