Leon County Board of County Commissioners
Animal Classification Committee

Conducts hearings for animal owner's to contest the initial determinaton of clasification, the penalty, or both, for an animal classified as dangerous or aggresive by the Director of Animal Control, or designee.  The classification committee shall determine the classification and disposition of the animal based upon the guidelines adopted by the board.  The classification committee shall decide the issues based upon the preponderance of the evidence and its decision shall be final.
Section 4-93, Leon County Code of Laws
Decision Making Committee
Eligibility categories:
  • A licensed veterinarian
  • County Sheriff, or designee
  • Informed citizen 
Committee consists of three (3) members:
  • A licensed veterinarian
  • County Sheriff, or designee
  • Informed citizen appointed by the Board of County Commissioners
0-Unlimited Expiring December 31
Maximum Number of Terms: Unlimited
not defined
As needed.
Cara Aldridge, Director
Leon County Animal Control
911 Easterwood Dr.
Tallahassee, FL 32317
(850) 606-5400

1 Mehr, Chuck 07/31/2001 1 07/31/2001 Unlimited Sheriff, or designee Sheriff
2 Brown, Sondra 07/31/2001 1 07/31/2001 Unlimited Licensed Veterinarian Board of County Commissioners
3 Hurlbut, William N. 07/31/2001 1 07/31/2001 Unlimited Informed Citizen Board of County Commissioners