Leon County Board of County Commissioners
Leon County Research and Development Authority

Serves as the governing board for Innovation Park. The Board is comprised of prominent business and community leaders that work together to guide the growth and development of the Park. The mission of the LCRDA at Innovation Park, is to work in affiliation with Florida State University, Florida A&M University, and Tallahassee Community College to promote scientific research and development activities, and foster economic development and broaden the economic base of Leon County, including planning and financing capital projects in the form of a research and development park.
Section 159.701, Florida Statutes 
Chapter 2, Article III, Division 2, Leon County Code of Laws 
Resolution No. 16-19
Decision Making - Independent Special District
Members must be residents and electors of, or have their principal place of employment in, the County.

Members must file a Financial Disclosure Form 1 from the Florida Commission on Ethics within 30 days of being appointed and annually by July 1 thereafter. In addition, when leaving the committee members must file a final Form 1F within 60 days of leaving their public position. The final Form 1F covers the disclosure period between January 1 and your last day of office within that year.

11 total members:
  • 6 - At-large members appointed by the Board of County Commissioners
  • 1 - Member of the Board of County Commissioners
  • 1 - Mayor of Tallahassee, or designee
  • 3 - Presidents of FAMU, FSU, and TCC, or their designees

The Leon County R&D Authority (LCRDA) Board of Governors has expressed the preference that, whenever possible, its officers (Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer) be elected from the pool of six at-large members. In some instances, at-large Board members may need to serve as officers for as many as three years of their four-year terms. Officers, along with the immediate past Chair, serve on the Executive Committee. The Treasurer serves as Chair of the Budget Committee, member of the Investment Advisory Committee, and attends Audit Committee meetings. All members may be asked to volunteer to serve on other committees as needed (e.g., procurement evaluation committees).
4-Year(s) Expiring September 30
Maximum Number of Terms: Unlimited
A member of the authority shall be eligible for reappointment per Section 159.703, Florida Statutes.
Vacancies are filled for the remainder of the unexpired term.
First Thursday of every other even numbered month at 11:00 a.m., in Innovation Park (approx. 2.5 hours).

Other LCRDA meetings:
  • Executive Committee: Monthly as needed (10-12 times per year), 2.5 hours each
  • Budget Committee: September (1 time per year), 1-2 hours.
  • Audit Committee: November and January (2 times per year), 1 hour each
  • Investment Advisory: November (1 time per year), 1 hour
Ron Miller, LCRDA Executive Director
Innovation Park
2051 East Paul Dirac Drive, Suite 100
Tallahassee, FL 32310
(850) 575-0343
Peggy Bielby, Administrative Coordinator
Innovation Park
(850) 575-0343
Heather Peeples, Special Projects Coordinator
Leon County
(850) 606-5300

1 Ramsay, David 12/14/2010 3 10/01/2020 09/30/2024 4 Year(s) At-Large Member Board of County Commissioners
2 Allen, III, Thomas West 09/15/2020 1 10/01/2020 09/30/2024 4 Year(s) At-Large Member Board of County Commissioners
3 Graham, Kevin 09/17/2019 1 10/01/2019 09/30/2022 Unexpired Term At-Large Member Board of County Commissioners
4 Dasher, Brian Joseph 09/14/2021 1 09/14/2021 09/30/2024 4 Year(s) At-Large Member Board of County Commissioners
5 Bye, Raymond 09/04/2018 1 10/01/2018 09/30/2022 4 Year(s) At-Large Member Board of County Commissioners
6 Longman, Anne 09/02/2014 2 10/01/2018 09/30/2022 4 Year(s) At-Large Member Board of County Commissioners
7 Dozier, Kristin 12/14/2010 4 01/01/2021 12/31/2024 4 Year(s) County Commissioner Board of County Commissioners
8 Dailey, John E. 11/19/2018 1 11/19/2018 11/21/2022 4 Year(s) Mayor of Tallahassee, or designee Mayor of Tallahassee
9 Friday-Stroud, Shawnta 02/22/2012 1 02/22/2012 Unlimited FAMU President (or designee) Florida A & M
10 Holmes, Eric 10/10/2014 1 10/10/2014 Unlimited FSU President (or designee) Florida State University
11 Moore, Kimberly 03/01/2013 1 03/01/2013 Unlimited TCC President (or designee) Tallahassee Community College
12 Bowers, Keith 10/01/2011 1 10/01/2011 Unlimited Alternate FAMU designee Florida A & M
13 Fulkerson, Laurel 04/09/2019 1 04/09/2019 Unlimited Alternate FSU designee Florida State University
14 VACANT SEAT QUALIFIER: Must be the TCC Alternate designee Tallahassee Community College