Leon County Board of County Commissioners
Investment Oversight Committee

The Committee reviews, reports, and recommends changes in investment practices of Leon County; reviews the County's portfolio activity for compliance with the investment plan; reviews investment policies and makes recommendations to the Board for amendments.
Leon County Code of Laws Ch. 2 Art. VII, Sec 2-253
Decision Making Committee
The three appointed members shall have experience in matter involving portfolio management or institutional fixed income investments.
The appointed members must be residents of Leon County and can not be employed by any office of Leon County government.

Note: Appointed members may not engage in any private financial dealings with the County directly related to the County's investment operations during their tenure on the Committee and for a period of two (2) years thereafter.
Quarterly Performance Reports are submitted to the IOC Committee 30 days after the close of each quarter. A report is prepared and submitted to the Board annually for the period ending September 30.
3 appointed members:
  • 2 appointed by the Board of County Commissioners
  • 1 appointed by the Clerk of Court 
Additional Ex-Officio (voting) members:
  • County Administrator or designee
  • Clerk of Courts or designee
3-Year(s) Expiring July 31
Maximum Number of Terms: 3
Members may be reappointed two times per IOC 2002 bylaws.
Vacancies are filled for the remainder of the unexpired term.
As needed, but at least quarterly in February, May, August, and November. Meetings are usually held 12:30-1:30 pm in Finance Conference Room 750 on the 7th floor of the Leon County Government Annex (formerly the Bank of America Building), 315 S. Calhoun St. Tallahassee, FL
Wade England, Treasury Manager
Clerk of Court & Comptroller
(850) 606-4026
Edward Burke, Finance Director
Clerk of Court & Comptroller
(850) 606-4075
Beryl Wood, Clerk to the Board
(850) 606-4224

1 McNeill, Renee 07/09/2019 2 08/01/2022 07/31/2025 3 Year(s) Board of County Commissioners
2 Watkins, Ben 07/13/2016 3 08/01/2022 07/31/2025 3 Year(s) Board of County Commissioners
3 Sachs, Claudia L 08/11/2023 1 08/11/2023 07/31/2026 3 Year(s) Clerk of Court Appointee Clerk of Court
4 Ross, Scott 07/31/2000 1 07/09/2013 Unlimited County Administrator (or designee) County Administrator
5 Kent, Kenneth 03/13/2018 1 03/13/2018 Unlimited Clerk of Courts (or designee) Clerk of Court