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Mobile Home Residents

A Category 1 hurricane, with winds of 74 to 95 mph, can rip apart a mobile home. The National Hurricane Center reports that no mobile home or manufactured home- no matter how new it is-can be a safe shelter from hurricane force winds. Also, tornadoes can spin off from hurricanes. Straps or other tie-downs will not protect a mobile home from high winds associated with a hurricane.

If a hurricane threatens the Capital Area, all mobile home residents will be required to evacuate.

If you must evacuate and do not have access to transportation due to age, disability, or other special needs, you should register now with your local Emergency Management Agency.

In 1992, 97% of all manufactured homes in Hurricane Andrew’s path in Dade County were destroyed, compared to 11% of single-family, non-manufactured homes. (Source - HUD)

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