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Prepare for long evacuation times.

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Evacuation Information

If you must evacuate

The most important instruction you will receive from local government officials, relayed over radio and television stations, is an evacuation order. Once issued, an evacuation order is mandatory under law in the state of Florida. If you live in a mobile home or an area ordered to evacuate, gather your survival kit and leave immediately. If you live in a safe area, secure your home and be prepared to stay. Because of long evacuation times and the unpredictability of hurricanes, you may be ordered to leave before a hurricane watch or warning is issued.

If you live in Leon County, register now with the Leon County Division of Emergency Management.
If you cannot make arrangements for transportation or other special assistance due to age, disabilities, or other special need.

Note: Buses and other transportation will not be available when a tropical storm or hurricane warning is issued.

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