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Home Health Care Patients and Elderly Residents

Home Health Care and Home Bound Patients


Notify your health agency of where you will be during a hurricane and when care can be reestablished.


If you are home bound and under the care of a physician, but not a home health agency, contact your physician.


If you require respirators or other electricity-dependant medical equipment, you should make prior medical arrangements with your physician.


If you require oxygen, check with your supplier about emergency plans.


If you evacuate, remember to take medications, written instructions regarding your care, special equipment and bedding with you.


If you need assistance in an evacuation, please register NOW with your county emergency management agency.

Elderly Citizens and Citizens with Special Needs


If you live in a nursing home, or assisted living facility, contact your administrator to learn about the evacuation plan for that facility.


If you require respirators, oxygen, or other electric medical equipment, make arrangements with your medical provider NOW.


If you need transportation or specialized assistance during an evacuation, REGISTER NOW with your county emergency management agency. Contact information can be found here.


If you are evacuating and under the care of a physician, please notify your health agency of your new location.

The Capital Area Chapter of the American Red Cross estimates that at least 2,150 residents in this community are especially vulnerable due to a disability or advanced age.

VolunteerLEON is bringing together community agencies, faith-based organizations and concerned citizens to address home safety and hurricane preparedness for citizens with disabilities and vulnerable seniors in the Big Bend area. To learn more about the KIND Initiative, or Knowledge, Information and Neighbors in Disaster, visit www.VolunteerLEON.org/KIND.

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