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Hurricanes are one of the nature's most serious and dangerous threats. Throughout the hurricane season we will constantly provide you with alerts and updates as well as any other information to help keep you informed of the situation.
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Decide: Do you STAY or do you GO?

Decision 1
If you are not  sure if you should stay or go - read below to help you decide.


Plan to STAY If:


You live in a structure that is built after 1973 when Florida adopted a standard building code.


You do not live in a manufactured or mobile home.


Your home is not vulnerable to storm surge or inland flooding.


You have reduced the threat of falling trees by trimming and / or removing dead, dying or diseased trees.


You have mitigated the effects of severe winds on your home by installing hurricane shutters on windows and bracing your garage door.


You have prepared a multi-hazard Disaster Response Plan for yourself, your family and your pets.


You have prepared a Disaster Survival Kit that includes cash, two weeks supply of food, water and one month's supply of prescription medicines.


You have identified a Safe Room within your home.


You have a battery powered radio and/or TV with extra batteries.


Plan to GO If:


An evacuation order has been issued.


You live in a structure that is not built to code.


Your home is vulnerable to storm surge or inland flooding.


You can leave early enough to meet estimated regional clearance times.
It is very dangerous to be on the highway during a storm.

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