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Code Enforcement Board


Conducts hearings to enforce County laws relating to environmental management (storm water, trees and landscaping), zoning and land use, control of junk accumulations in the community, building code, and mowing, etc., and imposes administrative fines and other non-criminal penalties where a violation of a code provision has occurred, with the goal of obtaining Code compliance. The purpose is to provide an equitable, expeditious, effective and inexpensive method for enforcement of local laws and to promote, protect and improve the health, safety and general welfare of the public.  

Created By:
Florida Statute 162.01-162.13
Leon County Code of Laws, Chapter 6, Article II, Sections 6-26 - 6-36
County Ordinance No. 88-42 & 11-09
TYPE: Decision-making Committee 

-7 Members appointed by the Board of County Commissioners with each Commissioner appointing one member.

Whenever possible, the membership of the code enforcement board shall consist of an architect, a business person, an engineer, a general contractor, a subcontractor, a realtor and another County resident.

The County may appoint up to two alternate members to serve on the board in the absence of board members, per Statute 162.05 (1). 

Three-year terms expiring July 31. Vacancies filled for remainder of unexpired term. Members may be reappointed for additional terms per Florida Statute.

Any member of the board who fails to attend two out of three successive meetings during any calendar year shall automatically forfeit such appointment and the Board of County Commissioners shall promptly fill such vacancy. Members may also be removed for cause after notice. (Leon County Code of Laws, Chpt. 6, Article II)  

Eligibility Criteria:
Members must be residents of the County.

Whenever possible, the CEB shall consist of the following:
- Subcontractor
- General Contractor
- Realtor
- Business Person
- Engineer
- Architect
- County Resident

Members must file a Financial Disclosure Form 1 from the Florida Commission on Ethics within 30 days of being appointed and annually by July 1 thereafter. In addition, when leaving the committee you must file a final Form 1F within 60 days of leaving your public position. The final Form 1F covers the disclosure period between January 1 and your last day of office within that year.  

Monthly meetings on the 3rd Thursday of each month, 1 pm, Renaissance Building 2nd Floor Conference Room, 435 Macomb Street Tallahassee, FL 

Contact Person/Staff:
Emma Smith, Permit & Code Services Director
Development Support & Environmental Management
435 N. Macomb Street, 2nd Floor
Tallahassee, FL 32301
Email: SmithE@leoncountyfl.gov 


Bobo, Paul


Begin Term: 9/1/2017
End Term: 7/31/2020
Type: three years


Original Date: 9/1/2017

Appointed by: Jimbo Jackson
Commissioner District II


Notes: Category: Business Person


Cromartie, Claudette


Begin Term: 9/4/2018
End Term: 7/31/2021
Type: three years


Original Date: 9/4/2018

Appointed by: Bryan Desloge
Commissioner District IV


Notes: Category: Business Person


Muldrow Sanders, Marcia


Begin Term: 9/1/2018
End Term: 7/31/2021
Type: three years


Original Date: 8/28/2012

Appointed by: Bill Proctor
Commissioner District I


Notes: Category: Building Contractor


Muntean Jr., David


Begin Term: 9/4/2018
End Term: 7/31/2020
Type: unexpired term


Original Date: 9/4/2018

Appointed by: Mary Ann Lindley
Commissioner At-large I


Notes: Category: Engineer


Ryan, Paula


Begin Term: 9/4/2018
End Term: 7/31/2021
Type: three years


Original Date: 9/4/2018

Appointed by: Kristin Dozier
Commissioner District V


Notes: Category: County Resident


Vann, Willie


Begin Term: 3/27/2018
End Term: 7/31/2020
Type: unexpired term


Original Date: 3/27/2018

Appointed by: Nick Maddox
Commissioner At-large II


Notes: Category: Business Person