Leon County Board of County Commissioners
Children's Service Council of Leon County

As approved by a majority of the local electorate during the November 2020 General Election, the Children's Services Council of Leon County (CSC) has been established to provide children with early learning and reading skills, development, treatment, preventative and other children's services.  The CSC is an independent special district that will provide funding for these children's services throughout the County by annually levying ad valorem taxes, not exceeding the maximum millage rate of one-half (1/2) mill, and has independent oversight and accountability as required by law.

The CSC is NOT a citizen committee or division of Leon County Government; however, the Leon County Board of County Commissioners is charged with the responsibility of recommending a minimum of 15 candidates to the Governor to fill five (5) seats on the CSC.  Those interested in seeking gubernatorial appointment to the CSC must complete the County's online application form.

The CSC has the following powers and functions:
  • To provide and maintain in the County such preventive, developmental, treatment and rehabilitative services for children as the council determines are needed for the general welfare of the County.
  • To provide such other services for all children as the Council determines are needed for the general welfare of the County.
  • To allocate and provide funds for other agencies in the County which are operated for the benefit of children, provided they are not under the exclusive jurisdiction of the public school system.
  • To collect information and statistical data and to conduct research, which will be helpful to the Council and the County in deciding the needs of children in the County.
  • To consult with other agencies dedicated to the welfare of children, to the end that the overlapping of services will be prevented.
  • To lease or buy such real estate, equipment, and personal property and to construct such buildings as are needed to execute the foregoing powers and functions, provided that no such purchases shall be made or building done unless paid for with cash on hand or secured by funds deposited in financial institutions. Nothing in this subsection shall be construed to authorize the district to issue bonds of any nature, nor shall the district have the power to require the imposition of any bond by the Board of County Commissioners.
  • To employ, pay, and provide benefits for any part-time or full-time personnel needed to execute the foregoing powers and duties.
Section 125.901, Florida Statutes
Ordinance No. 18-13
Not Applicable
Applications must be received by January 13, 2021.

In accordance with Florida Statutes, the five (5) gubernatorial appointees to the CSC shall meet the following criteria:
  • Have been residents of Leon County for the previous 24-month period.
  • To the extent possible, represent the demographic diversity of the population of Leon County.
  • File a Financial Disclosure Form 1.

Members must file a Financial Disclosure Form 1 from the Florida Commission on Ethics within 30 days of being appointed and annually by July 1 thereafter. In addition, when leaving the committee members must file a final Form 1F within 60 days of leaving their public position. The final Form 1F covers the disclosure period between January 1 and your last day of office within that year.

lmmediately after the members are appointed and officers are elected, the CSC shall identify and assess the needs of the children in the County served by the Council and submit to the Board of County Commissioners a written description of:
a. The activities, services and opportunities that will be provided to children.
b. The anticipated schedule for providing those activities, services, and opportunities.
c. The manner in which children will be served, including a description of arrangements and agreements which will be made with community organizations, state and local educational agencies, federal agencies, public assistance agencies, the juvenile courts, foster care agencies, and other applicable public and private agencies and organizations.
d. The special outreach efforts that will be undertaken to provide services to at-risk, abused, or neglected children.
e. The manner in which the Council will seek and provide funding for unmet needs.
f. The strategy which will be used for interagency coordination to maximize existing human and fiscal resources.

Thereafter, the CSC shall provide an annual written report to be presented no later than January 1 to the Board of County Commissioners, to include:
1.  Information on the effectiveness of activities, services, and programs offered by the Council, including cost-effectiveness.
2. A detailed anticipated budget for continuation of activities, services, and programs offered by the Council, and a list of all sources of requested funding, both public and private.
3. Procedures used for early identification of at-risk children who need additional or continued services and methods for ensuring that the additional or continued services are received.
4. A description of the degree to which the Council 's objectives and activities are consistent with the goals of the County Ordinance.
5. Detailed information on the various programs, services, and activities available to participants and the degree to which the programs, services, and activities have been successfully used by children.
6. Information on programs, services, and activities that should be eliminated; programs, services and activities that should be continued; and programs, services and activities that should be added to the basic format of the Council.
The Children's Services Council of Leon County consists of ten (10) members, including:
  • The Superintendent of Leon County Schools
  • A school board member (as appointed by the Leon County School Board)
  • The Department of Children and Families District Administrator, or his or her designee.
  • One County Commissioner as appointed by the Leon County Board of County Commissioners
  • A judge assigned to juvenile cases, as appointed by the Chief Judge.
  • Five (5) members appointed by the Governor.  The Board of County Commissioners shall submit to the Governor the names of at least three (3) persons for each vacancy occurring among the five (5) members appointed by the Governor, and the Governor shall appoint members to the Council from the candidates nominated by the Board of County Commissioners. The Governor shall make a selection within a 45-day period or request a new list of candidates.
4-Year(s) Expiring December 31
Maximum Number of Terms: Unlimited
The initial terms of the Governor's appointees shall be staggered.

Should a Governor appointed member resign, die or be removed from office, the vacancy will be filled by an appointment by the Governor using the same method as the original appointment.  The vacancy shall be filled for the remainder of the unexpired term.
To be determined.
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Leon County
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