Leon County Board of County Commissioners
Animal Shelter Advisory Board

A citizen's board in support of Tallahassee-Leon Community Animal Service Center (Animal Services). Responsibility includes:
  1. Assist in the development of Animal Services' mission and policies;
  2. Review and recommend long range planning and budgeting for Animal Services;
  3. Provide research, guidance, advice, sponsor reports and contribute information relevant to Animal Services program development, policies and procedures;
  4. Serve as liaisons to the community, increasing support and awareness of Animal Services and assisting in the resolution of citizen concerns, issues, and grievances.

Tallahassee Animal Services website:  www.talgov.com/animals
Authorized by the Tallahassee City Commission
Decision Making Committee
Members must be a County resident or a County property owner. (Members who are not City or County residents may be appointed to provide appropriate expertise or when deemed in the best interest of the Board.)
12 total members:
  • 9 members appointed by the Mayor of Tallahassee
  • 3 members appointed by the Board of County Commissioners

The terms of City appointed seats expire at the end of February.

To apply for City appointed seats, please go to: http://www.talgov.com/transparency/boards.aspx
3-Year(s) Expiring September 30
Maximum Number of Terms: 2
Members may not serve more than two full consecutive terms per ASAB bylaws amended 2014.
Vacancies are filled for the remainder of the unexpired term.
Bi-monthly meetings, the first Monday of the month at 6:00 p.m.
Erika Leckington, Director
Tallahassee Animal Services
1125 Easterwood Drive
Tallahassee, FL 32311
(850) 891-2959
Cara Aldridge, Director
Leon County Animal Control
(850) 606-5410

1 Clift Rager, Jamie 09/15/2020 1 10/01/2020 09/30/2023 3 Year(s) Board of County Commissioners
2 Beharry, Kristal 09/14/2021 1 09/14/2021 09/30/2023 3 Year(s) Board of County Commissioners
3 McCauley, Marguerite 06/14/2022 1 06/14/2022 09/30/2023 Unexpired Term Board of County Commissioners