Leon County Board of County Commissioners
Leon County Educational Facilities Authority

The purpose of the authority is to assist institutions for higher education in the construction, financing, and refinancing of projects, and for this purpose the authority is authorized and empowered as set forth in Section 243.22, Florida Statutes.
Chapter 243, Part II, Florida Statutes, Section 243.21
Resolution No. 90-42
Decision Making Committee
All members must be residents of Leon County.
At least one member must be a trustee, director, officer or employee of an institution for higher education in Leon County.

Members must file a Financial Disclosure Form 1 from the Florida Commission on Ethics within 30 days of being appointed and annually by July 1 thereafter. In addition, when leaving the committee members must file a final Form 1F within 60 days of leaving their public position. The final Form 1F covers the disclosure period between January 1 and your last day of office within that year.

Within first 90 days of each calendar year, reports to the Board of County Commissioners its activities for the preceding calendar year including a complete operating and financial statement.
  • 7 members appointed by the Board of County Commissioners.
  • 1 County Commissioner, appointed by the full Board, serves as a liaison for a two-year term (added at the March 26, 2009 BOCC meeting)
5-Years Expiring July 31
Maximum Number of Terms: Unlimited
A member of the authority shall be eligible for reappointment per Statute 243.21 and Resolution 90-42.
Vacancies are filled for the remainder of the unexpired term.
Quarterly meetings (October, January, April, and July), or as needed.
Bob Kellam, Executive Director
Educational Facilities Authority
P. O. Box 11154
Tallahassee, FL 32302
(850) 510-0727

1 Daimwood, Dixie 07/09/2019 1 07/09/2019 07/31/2023 Unexpired Term Board of County Commissioners
2 Sims, Ramsay 11/22/2016 1 11/22/2016 07/31/2020 Unexpired Term Board of County Commissioners
3 Sperry, Todd 04/23/2019 1 04/23/2019 07/31/2024 5 Years Board of County Commissioners
4 Proctor, Jr., Thomas C. 09/02/2014 2 08/01/2019 07/31/2024 5 Years Board of County Commissioners
5 Bailey, Dennis 01/27/2015 1 07/13/2016 07/31/2021 5 Years Higher Education Representative Board of County Commissioners
6 Ellis, Reginald 07/09/2019 1 07/09/2019 07/31/2020 5 Years Board of County Commissioners
7 Givens, Richard E. 09/15/2015 1 09/15/2015 07/31/2020 5 Years Board of County Commissioners
8 Desloge, Bryan 12/13/2016 2 01/01/2018 12/31/2019 2 Years County Commissioner Board of County Commissioners