Leon County Board of County Commissioners
Council on Culture & Arts

Stimulates greater awareness and appreciation of the importance of the arts. Encourages and facilitates greater and more efficient use of governmental and private resources for the development and support of the arts. Promotes the development of resident artists, art institutions, community organizations sponsoring art activities and audiences. Supports and facilitates the preservation and growth of the state's artistic resources. Contracting for artistic services, performances and exhibits.

Website: www.tallahasseearts.org
Florida Statutes Section 265.32
City/County Interlocal Agreement Oct 18, 1985 
County Resolutions 85-32 & 85-46
Decision Making Committee
All members must be qualified electors residing in the County.

The 8 members appointed by the BOCC will include one member from each of the following categories:
  • Business/Economic Development
  • Heritage / History
  • Marketing/Finance
  • Practicing Artist
  • Tourism
  • Volunteer
  • Members At-Large (2)
In filling any vacancy which occurs, the Board of County Commissioners shall select the replacement council member from a list of three candidates submitted by the remaining members of the Council.

No individual committed to, or owing allegiance to, any particular arts faction shall be eligible to serve on the Council, per Florida Statute 265.32
15 total members:
  • 8 - Citizens appointed by the Board of County Commissioners
  • 7 - Citizens appointed by the City Commission
Plus 2 Voting Ex-officio members:
  • 1 - County Commissioner
  • 1 - City Commissioner
Plus 4 Non-Voting Ex-officio members to serve as liaisons, per COCA bylaws, appointed by:
  • The President of FSU
  • The President of FAMU
  • The President of TCC
  • The Superintendent of Leon County Schools
4-Years Expiring September 30
Maximum Number of Terms: 2
No council member who serves two full terms shall be reappointed to the Council during the 2-year period following expiration of his or her term.
Anyone appointed to fill an unexpired term is eligible for reappointment for two full, 4-year terms, and is then subject to the term criteria at the conclusion of their second full term (per COCA 2011 bylaws).
Vacancies are filled for the remainder of the unexpired term.
Generally meets every other month at COCA's offices from 4:00-5:30 pm.
Kathleen Spehar, Executive Director
Council on Culture & Arts
816 S. ML King Jr. Blvd.
Tallahassee, FL 32301
(850) 224-2500
Amanda Thompson, Assistant Director
Council on Culture & Arts
(850) 224-2500

1 Schardl, Kati 07/13/2016 2 10/01/2017 09/30/2021 4 Years Business Board of County Commissioners
2 Lawrence, John 12/08/2009 3 06/09/2015 09/30/2019 4 Years History/Heritage Board of County Commissioners
3 Wood, Rosanne 12/11/2012 2 10/01/2016 09/30/2020 4 Years At-Large Board of County Commissioners
4 LaCivita, Beth J. 02/11/2014 2 10/01/2017 09/30/2021 4 Years Tourism Board of County Commissioners
5 Taylor, Daniel 11/20/2018 1 11/20/2018 09/30/2022 4 Years Practicing Artist Board of County Commissioners
6 Davant, Claudia 10/23/2018 2 10/01/2018 07/23/2019 4 Years At-Large Board of County Commissioners
7 Wright, Adriene Bryant 06/09/2015 1 06/09/2015 09/30/2019 4 Years Volunteer Board of County Commissioners
8 Fishburne, Lucia 06/09/2015 1 06/09/2015 09/30/2019 4 Years Marketing/Public Relations Board of County Commissioners
9 Maddox, Nick 12/13/2016 2 01/01/2019 12/31/2022 4 Years BOCC member Board of County Commissioners